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Take the pain out of localization

Simple collaboration
Work with developers and translation teams within the same platform. Track changes, share strings and increase the quality of your translations. Sim-ship worldwide & reduce product-to-market time.
Version control
Assign multiple languages to your project - right from the beginning. Version control of each string lets you start translating earlier, giving you more flexibility and reducing translation costs.
Eliminate localization bugs
No overlong strings. Control the length of the string to avoid mistakes.
Pay as you grow
Only pay for developers working within the platform. Scale your subscription up and down every month. Save on duplication of strings.
In-game text change
Update translations even in runtime for greater accuracy. QA team corrects errors as they find them, without disturbing the developers.
API integration
Set up your mobile, PC or console game and connect it directly to LocDirect. Accessible on MacOS, Windows and Linux.

What if localization was a seamless part of your game development, instead of being done in batches at the end?

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Michael Souto

That's why our partners prefer LocDirect

Adolfo Gómez-Urda Montijano
Fixing a cutoff translation normally takes 1 week (enter a bug, shorten the translation, wait for a new build, regress the bug to ensure the shorter translation is no longer cutoff), but with LocDirect's Runtime String Update feature, only 1 minute.
Fay Griffin
LocDirect has allowed us to carry on a brisk pace of live operations in our game and efficiently and quickly get 5000+ words translated each week for our events. The LocDirect system has also made it such that we didn't have to hire a person specifically to handle complex spreadsheets going back and forth between game team and translators.
Gregan Dunn
Hothead Games
The LocalizeDirect team is able to match the fast pace of a mobile game development live ops cycle. LocDirect proves to be a strong tool that allows us to track and respond to their detailed questions enabling us to deliver a high quality localization. They have proven to be a valuable partner to Hothead.
Wayne Smithson
Double 11
We have used LocalizeDirect for our localisation needs on a number of titles now, and have found them to be professional, timely and very accommodating to the demands and often short notice changes required when creating our games. The LocDirect DB tool is an added bonus as it makes the process of importing, exporting, adding, changing or clarifying any of the text very easy.
Ilona Makhavikova
LocalizeDirect is exceptional and very professional in every way. As someone with often urgent tasks and huge amounts of text, I can't stop wondering how well they handles this mix of mess and urgency. Fast, convenient and good price for the service.

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