Client Release Version 2.14.161

New in this version

New (String Exporter): The column “Source Text Updated Time” can now be exported.

New (Column Filter): It’s now possible to filter on “Source Text Updated Time” and “Text Updated Time”.

New (Translation Export): An option has been added that allows to select or de-select all export templates.

Fix (Characters): The name and icon of the neutral character type has been changed to “Non-Binary”.

Bug Fix (API): It was not possible to update the email address with the CreateUser API command.

Bug Fix (Project Folder): If the client-setting named “Delete Project Folders” was unchecked, it didn’t disable the button to delete folders in the toolbar.

New (Server): It’s now possible to configure the server so that it only will allow access to specific IP addresses by adding the following in the .serverconfig file:

<Server name="My Server">