Perfect Your App Store Presence Or Perish

A game developer's guide to the bewildering world of analytics, promotion, and localization

Free ASO Ebook by LocalizeDirect

There are more than 2.2 million apps in the App Store. How are users going to find your app?

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6 reasons to download this e-book:

  1. Choose the right name & screenshots - Learn about what to consider, and why your first impression matters.
  2. Write the best app description - It’s all about pitching – learn more about closing the deal.
  3. Choose the perfect keywords - Find the right keywords – analytics and tools.
  4. Create a video - If a picture paints a thousand words – then imagine what a video does.
  5. Promote your launch - Promote, reach out – and how to get featured by Apple.
  6. Convert viewers to customers - What is the conversion rate? Get more information on useful analytics tools.

Don’t let your app drown in the App Store ocean - use the right tools and sail to success!