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Translation Services

What languages do you support?

We support more than 40 languages and around 65 language pairs. If you don't see the desired language on the list, please, contact us via email - we'll be glad to come up with the best solution for you!

What if my source file is not in English or its format is not supported by the self-service system?

No worries, if your file format is not supported, just send it via email. Our project manager will take a look at it, convert if necessary and get back to you with the quote within 1 business day. If your source file is in a language other than English, it's better to translate it into English first ( we'd be happy to help with that). Please, note that in these cases, the 10% management fee is charged.

Can you translate my source file into English?

Yes. Currently we support translations into English from German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, simplified and traditional Chinese. We've also translated Japanese into Chinese, French, Korean and simplified Chinese into traditional Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese. We are constantly expanding our service portfolio, so, please, contact our localization team for more details and language pairs.

How long will it take to translate my game?

It depends on the text file. Quality is our top priority: we usually assign one translator to one project to keep the solid style of your localized game. On average, for the ongoing projects where the content is known and the queries have been answered, we translate 2,500 words per day.

Who will translate my game?

Professional game-focused translators. They are native to the regions you target and have a domain expertise to ensure the highest localization quality. We do NOT use translation software.

What is your translation word rate?

It depends on the language and starts from €0.11. You can see the price list

Am I charged for tags or non-translatable codes?

No. You pay only for the words, numbers, and placeholders. All of these need to be typed by our translators and placed in the sentences according to each language's syntax. Chinese and Japanese source texts are charged by characters.

What if I have a partially translated file or recently added strings? Will I need to pay for everything to be translated again?

No, if you previously ordered translations via our online system, you'll only be charged for the new strings or empty fields. The system has a translation memory so that it excludes already translated strings from the word count.

Is there any sign up fee for the translation service?

No. Your account is completely free. You can upload your files, play with the intelligent mapping tool and get your instant quote. Ordering online you'll save on the 10% management fee.

What is the management fee?

It occurs when you need the assistance of a project manager. For instance, your text file is in an unsupported format, the source file isn't in English, it requires proofreading, the desired language is not on the list or you need translation immediately. Or you are unsure which markets to choose. Or you have a limited localization budget and want to invest wisely. In this case, the localization manager will step in with their market advice to find the best solution for you. And it will add just 10% to your order.

I'm not sure which languages are the best to localize my game into. Can you advise me on which to choose?

Sure! We've collected a lot of market data and insights in the gaming market and will be glad to share it with you. Just email our localization manager.

What's the minimum order?

€100. If your game doesn't have that much text, we recommend you select as many languages as possible to reach more markets with a one-time investment.

How do I get a quote?

With our self-ordering translation system, you'll get it immediately, online. If you need help from a project manager or your language is not on the list, you'll get a quote in 24 hours.

I used the self-service translation platform, placed and paid the order but received an email from the project manager with additional questions about my game. Why do you need this information?

We want your gamers around the world to have the same experience as you when they play your game. Therefore, we must understand the context, target audience, language etc. This information as well as visuals will help our linguists provide the best translations for your game.

I am concerned about my data when dropping my file for a translation. Can I be sure that my source files won't leak?

We are ex-game developers, and completely understand your concerns. Don't worry, we'll never share your files with anyone else.

What if I'm not happy with the translated file?

We make sure that all our clients are satisfied with the quality of delivered projects. However, if there are any issues (which rarely happens), we'll fix them at no extra cost. At the end of the project, we'll ask you for the feedback to improve our services and guarantee the quality of our translations

Where does the data in your translation mapping tool come from?

We use the most recent industry reports by NewZoo and T-Index. In our map, the potential reach is equal to the internet population, and revenue prediction - to the total revenues in the US dollars in specific country.


What is Localization QA?

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) is the service oriented for the latest stages of localization process. It verifies that the game or app meets the expectations of the target audience in terms of language, design, functionality, and cultural specifications. LQA aims at giving your game a personalized, natural feeling, provided by expert gaming linguists.

What is covered by Localization QA?

Linguistic (Language) QA, Visual QA (User Interface testing), Functionality QA.

What do localization QA testers do?

Our LQA reviewers are professional linguists who also love playing games. They are widely familiar with the day-to-day terminology and idioms of the language spoken in the region as well as cultural aspects. Localization testers will thoroughly go over the translation in the game itself, providing insightful comments and beneficial changes, boosting the naturalness of the translation, as well as ensuring top localization quality. Our game testers understand the needs of the target audience, considering factors such as overall context, character personalities, gameplay, story driven texts, menu conceptualization, linguistic acuity, terminology adherence, and so on.

Can you describe the Localization QA process to me?

You start with filling the contact form on our website. It's best to add as much detail as possible: we may need some reference materials and supporting documentation to understand your needs (of course, we understand that it's top secret information!). Our LQA manager will be back to you within 1-2 business days with the tailored test plan for your title. After you confirm, LQA experts begin testing your game. All the identified issues and improvement suggestions are presented in an actionable report ready for you to implement (our project manager will assist you if needed).

Which problems can LQA help me to solve?

LQA identifies linguistic, UX/UI and functional errors and inconsistencies. The most common issues found by LQA testers include unnatural phrases and mistakes; irrelevant metrics used; font issues, partially translated strings, keyboard, navigation and compatibility problems.

What games do you test?

We test all game types at any platform: mobile, console, PC.

What does the LQA price depend on?

Language, magnitude of strings, word count to review, complexity of your game and the number of levels the LQA testers should test. Every game is different, speak to our LQA expert and get a personalized quote tailored to the requirements of your game.