🔥 A Practical Guide To Making The Most Impact With Your Cash🔥

12 languages that will generate over 80% of your games' revenue

Game Localization: A Guide To Making The Most Impact With Your Cash

There are 2.7 billion gamers on Earth. How many play your game now?

You are losing 50% of potential downloads every day if your game isn’t localized. It’s time for your title to reach its full capacity.

What is covered in the 117 pages of this book:

  1. Game markets overview - Population, English proficiency, number of potential players, game revenue, most popular game genres and platforms - all you need to get started.
  2. Dialects - which one to choose - How many markets can you target with one language? What’s the difference between Mainland and Taiwanese Chinese for example?
  3. Localization essentials - The most common issues with translated games - overlong strings, text orientation, formatting, placeholders, UI and more.
  4. Culturalization - When is it worth incorporating local references into your game?
  5. Censorship risk - Your game may be banned because of the color of blood, historical fact or an innocent pun. Make sure your title is free from many possible controversies.

Spend your loc budget wisely - get a 360 overview of the desired games markets. It’s time to make your game truly successful!