Game Localization & LQA Report 2021

Discover the hottest trends in the games translation industry - read the latest research on localization and LQA in video games

2021 Game Localization & LQA Report

You may be missing out on 9 of 10 players by only releasing in English 😭

Translating your game into the 7 most in-demand languages, you’ll reach users in the 10 most affluent countries. Going into the 15 most popular localization languages will cover almost all of the top 20 markets by game revenue.

Want to know which ones?🤔

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Find out about:

  • Top 20 trending localization languages amongst game developers.
  • The fastest-growing languages in the last five years.
  • The reasons behind the declining popularity of FIGS and the higher demand for Traditional Chinese.
  • 10 most frequently ordered languages for localization QA.
  • The most common problems with localized games (70% of all found localization issues!)
  • Which emerging game markets are worth adding to your localization portfolio?
  • Direct vs Pivot translations: what should be preferred for non-English projects?
  • How a developers’ location shapes their primary localization choice.
  • The best game localization practices.

So, are you ready to conquer a market with 2.8 billion gamers?

Are you ready to claim your slice of the near $180 billion games market pie?

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