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Get expert feedback from our LQA testers - native speaking gamers and professional translators

How LQA can make your game better

User interface localization
Check for both translation and development bugs. Our game testers will go through your game to detect any UI/UX issues and present it in a detailed actionable report.
In-context review
Control character length. Stir together grammar, background, situation, character, terminology. Match the casual day-to-day speech of your target audience.
Compliance testing
Quality assurance across multiple supported platforms - PC, Android, iOS. We cover more than 15 languages!
Personalized solutions
Decide how many levels should be tested and in how many languages. Pay per hour. A personal account manager will guide you throughout the LQA process.
Linguistic QA
Eradicate mistakes, mistranslations, and awkward phrasing. Localize manuals, scripts, ads, marketing and print materials for your game.
Post-delivery support
Your LQA manager is still in touch after file delivery to assist when you implement updates.

How it works, step-by-step

We understand your LQA needs and provide you with a personalized solution.
Establishing and implementing the agreed LQA process.
Preparation of deliverables - we'll get back to you with our findings and implementation framework.
Implementation and delivery of UI/UX reports & reviewed loc files.
Ask Nahuel, our LQA expert, to find out how LQA can help you increase your audience. Our LQA services start at €24/hour
Nahuel G. Aprile

Our partners said that...

Gabriel Vaiteka
Working with LocalizeDirect has always been a great experience, and using the LQA service was very helpful for finding improvements in the current localization in 8 languages. For that reason we were able to have a smooth release of our game, knowing that the localization met the quality standards for each target language.
Lee Travers
Communication with LocalizeDirect is excellent and the team are very flexible to assist in any ongoing queries or requests – they are a pleasure to work with.
Petter Magnusson
Image & Form Games
LocalizeDirect and their LQA service has been very valuable to us. Their speed and flexibility were key factors when working with them on a tight schedule.

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