Client Release Version 2.14.151

New in this version

If you are looking for a MAC installer for the application client, then please visit this page.

  • New (LDAP): When using LDAP login, it’s now possible to disable the “LocDirect fallback login”, which means that if no matching LDAP user account can be found, then a check will be made to see if a LocDirect account with that name exists and use that instead. By default the fallback option is enabled.
  • New (Script): The scripting language has a new function called str_split that will split a text on a specified separator. The split will result in a list of strings that then can be processed. For example:
  // Split the text into a list. [/n] equals the new-line character being used.
  List texts = str_split( <$sourceLanguageText$>, "[\n]" );

// Print the texts in the list int count = 0; while( count < texts.size() ) { println( <$identifierName$> + "[" + count + "]=" + texts.get(count) ); count=count+1; }

  • Fix (password): There is no longer a limit for how long a password may be. Before the limit was 20 characters.

  • Fix (Import warnings): The warning “Too many characters” will now only be shown if the translation text in the import file is different from the translation text in the database.

  • Bug fix (Tokens): A problem with adding ‘\n’ as a reserved token has been fixed.