Client Release Version 2.14.158

New in this version

New (String View): There is now a button in the String View that allow you to toggle whether or not to see white-space and no-space characters in text cells. When this option is enabled it’s also possible to mouse over a character in a text cell to get more information about it in a tool tip.

Fix (StringImport API): It’s now possible to overwrite an existing custom field value with an empty value.

Fix (StringImport API): It’s now possible to remove a translation by setting the translation text (for example ‘text_frFR’) to empty and then set the translation status (for exampel ‘status_frFR’) to not translated (1).

Bug Fix: There was a case when special characters in custom fields could cause issues when loading projects.

Bug Fix (Mac): It was not possible to save a translation export template file on Mac.