Server Release Version 2.9.150 (64-bit)

New in this version

If you are looking for a MAC installer for the application client, then please visit this page.

  • New (API): The StringImport API command now has a new option to delete folders that becomes empty after strings have been moved (when the parent folder is being changed):
  • New (LDAP authentication): It’s now possible to define more than one domain server. A semicolon can be used as a separator for each defined server. The authentication will be checked in the order they appear in the semicolon separated list.

  • Fix (Mac): When saving import/export templates, there was no place to enter a file name.

  • Bug fix (String View): If a translation text was translated for the first time (translation status = red) and the text of the cell was changed more than once before the text was saved, then under certain circumstances there was a risk that the text that was shown in the cell, wasn’t the text that was actually saved. This only happened with unsaved translation texts that was being changed more than once and in combination with how the cell was entered and exited after the change.

  • Bug fix (Script language): The functions setBackgroundColor and setForegroundColor will no longer cause a script crash if a null value is being passed to them.

  • Bug fix (String view): It’s now possible to enter all of the Polish characters with a polish keyboard layout.