Server Release Version 2.9.152 (64-bit)

New in this version

If you are looking for a MAC installer for the application client, then please visit this page.

  • Bug fix (Tokens): A problem with adding reserved tokens starting with ‘' has been fixed.

  • Bug fix (String View): If a translation cell was being edited that had the status “out-of-date” and then nothing was changed, but ‘enter’ was pressed, then the status changed from “out-of-date” to “up-to-date”.

  • Bug fix (Login): If a user had the automatic login feature enabled and a user with administrative rights changed this users password, then the client application could end up in a state where it silently exited on startup (since the automatically specified password was wrong).

  • Bug fix (API): Some of the JSON formatted error messages was missing a ‘}’. This has now been fixed.