Server Release Version 2.9.155 (64-bit)

New in this version

If you are looking for the MAC installer for the application client, then please visit this page.

New (String Import): There is now a new column called “Do not import”, that can be used on columns that exist in the import file but should not be imported.

New (String View): A new column named “Source Text Updated” has been added and will show the date and time when the source text was last updated. To make this new column available, you first have to add it to the existing View Templates. After this the column will be available in the list of columns (String View->Manage columns).

New (String View): The column filter will now always be enabled and has replaced the so called “quick filter” that could be a bit confusing and not at all as efficient as the column filter. Before, the column filter was a bit “hidden” eventhough it’s a much better tool to find and filter texts. For example, the column filter can be used for advanced filtering with the use of Regular Expressions and by filtering on multiple columns at the same time.

New (String View): When right-clicking a column the “Set All Translations Up-to-date/Out-of-date” options will now always be shown. Before the whole row had to be selected for this option to appear in the context menu.

New (Item History): The diff-window, that can be opened from the Item History, will now be updated when other rows in the item history are being clicked. Before a new diff-window had to be opened and closed for every new diff compare.

New (String View): There is now an option to convert text to either UPPERCASE or lowercase. This is done by selecting one or many cells and then right-clicking the selection and choose the relevant case option from the context menu.

Fix (right-click): The right-click event did not previously invoke a left-click event. In other words, if you had some cells selected and then right-clicked a different cell (for example to set a translation to up-to-date for example), the right-click did not automatically select the cell that was clicked.

Bug fix (Installer): Before, the installer tried to use the native language of the operating system, however this sometimes caused issues that made the texts in the installer impossible to read.

Bug fix (API): The StringImport API call could fail if the mergeOption=1 was being used and the string type wasn’t specified and a string with the same name already existed.

Bug fix (API): With the StringImport API call, it was possible to import special characters for the identifier name that are not allowed to be used in the client (like \ or “).

Bug fix (API): If strings had the source language lock enabled and then was updated using the StringImport API call, then that would result in corrupted string data for those strings. After this fix and in this case, the StringImport API call will instead return a warning message that the source language text has not been updated because of the source language lock.

Bug fix (String View): The column width could sometimes be set to default when the column filter was enabled and disabled.

Bug fix (Login): If the client application was being used for logging in to more than one server and with different user accounts, then sometimes instead of using the user configuration file for the user and server logged into, the user configuration file from a previous log in was being used.

Bug fix (Build folders): It was not possible to delete a folder that existed directly under the “Build Module”.

Bug fix (Build generator): If more than one folder was created directly under the “Build Module”, then the alternative to run a build generator by right-clicking a string folder or a selection of strings would not appear.

Bug fix (Mac): Minor user interface fixes for Mac.