Server Release Version 2.9.162 (64-bit)

New in this version

New (Open link): There’s a new button in the toolbar that can be used to open a hypertext link in a cell using the default web-browser on the local machine. The link can be entered as an URI in the cell, for example or just

Bug fix (String Importer): If a translation was imported with the
translation text column and the status column and the translation text
was empty and the status=1 (not translated) an unreferenced translation
an object was created in the database which caused a “cache miss” on the
client side which required an additional call to the server. In the case
that there were many translations this could slow down the loading of a
project or folder a lot.

Fix (Database): Un-referenced translation objects will be removed on service start.

Bugfix (TM import): Fix for some special characters could that could not be imported into the TM.

Bugfix (Tokens): Tokens containing double-quotes can now be added and

Fix (Tokens window): It’s now possible to select and delete more than
one token at the same time.

Bugfix (LDAP): Strings in the Bind_DN definition where not correctly
parsed if they contained an escaped comma (,).