Biggest video games conferences 2022

Want to meet companies like Tencent, Nintendo, Google, and Ubisoft? Try going to these shows!

Events Calendar 2022 For Gaming Industry

Can you answer the questions below? If not, download this calendar.

  1. Where can I network with game developers and publishers like Sony, Bethesda, King, and 505 games?
  2. Which is the main game event in the US?
  3. If I have a limited budget for game dev conferences, which one should I target?

What you’ll find inside this calendar

  • The 60+ most important online and offline video gaming events in 2022, especially for developers, producers, publishers, buyers, sellers, biz people, service providers, and job seekers.
  • Which is the best game expo in the UK for me? Download the calendar to go beyond Gamescom, GDC, and E3.
  • Names, locations, websites, and detailed info summarized in an easy to read format (spend no more than 20 sec reading about each event description).
  • Do you know that India is the biggest gaming market in terms of downloads? You should read our blog with our findings. Maybe you should go one step further and show your game at these expos. Get some direct feedback.

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