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LocalizeDirect was founded by ex-game developers. Over 500 big gaming brands already use LocalizeDirect.
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We employ professional translators who love playing and localizing games. They have domain expertise and live in the countries you target.
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Drop your file and get your translations back as quickly as possible. Our localization professionals work in all time zones!
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Your game updates are curated and translated by the same localization experts to maintain a solid style.

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Adolfo Gómez-Urda Montijano
Fixing a cutoff translation normally takes 1 week (enter a bug, shorten the translation, wait for a new build, regress the bug to ensure the shorter translation is no longer cutoff), but with LocDirect's Runtime String Update feature, only 1 minute.
Jean-Baptiste Bolcato
LocalizeDirect has pretty much become our default localisation service provider: they worked with us for over 6 years to localise most of our games, including our biggest award-winning franchise - the Sniper Elite series – into up to 9 languages. That’s a good few millions of words over dozens of SKUs, delivered in a timely manner by the on-call experienced translators, well versed in anything historically or military accurate.
Lee Travers
LocalizeDirect have provided the translation services for many of Ripstone’s projects, and can always be depended on to provide reliable, accurate and efficient translations ready for our games.
Gabriel Vaiteka
Working with LocalizeDirect has always been a great experience, and using the LQA service was very helpful for finding improvements in the current localization in 8 languages. For that reason we were able to have a smooth release of our game, knowing that the localization met the quality standards for each target language.
Fay Griffin
LocDirect has allowed us to carry on a brisk pace of live operations in our game and efficiently and quickly get 5000+ words translated each week for our events. The LocDirect system has also made it such that we didn't have to hire a person specifically to handle complex spreadsheets going back and forth between game team and translators.

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