The best localization events of 2023

2023-04-04 | Ivan Belcic

The best localization events of 2023

1. BP23 Translation Conference

8–10 May 2023

Utrecht, Netherlands

Focused on freelancers in the translation and localization industry, BP23 offers a comprehensive buffet of insights, advice, and tips from a staggering range of speakers. Attend in-person for free rein over the offerings, or log in remotely with per-speaker ticketing options, access to all the recorded presentations, and online networking events.

Attendees can anticipate a holistic overview of the language industries from a freelancer’s point of view. Learn how to automate your workflows, how to find and capture high-paying clients, how to set your freelance rates, how to counter impostor syndrome, and even how you can reduce your impact on the environment while working.

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2. LocWorld49

6–8 June 2023

Malmö, Sweden

LocWorld touches on nearly all aspects of the language industries — not just translation and localization, but also the practical aspects of international business and website management. This year’s incarnation of the time-tested conference includes a specialized one-day focus on localization and localization quality assurance in gaming via the Game Global program track.

One highlight is sure to be the collaborative presentation on streamlining your localization workflow by Olga Petrova, senior localization manager at Hyper Hippo Entertainment, along with Gridly’s Michael Soto. It’s one of many standout events you’ll find over the course of the conference as you learn from prominent industry personnel, participate in workshops, and broaden your networking connections.

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3. Game Quality Forum Global 2023

27–29 June 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bringing localizers, game testers, and community management staff together, this year’s Game Quality Forum Global is all about diversity and inclusion — and why assembling such a team is the key to player engagement. The collaboration-focused event is designed to inspire creative conversations between attendees about how best to elevate the player experience.

This year’s conference is stacked with high-profile experts from leading game studios, including Epic Games, EA, Fatshark, and so many more. Hear from senior leaders in localization, QA, player experience, and community management while networking with like-minded industry peers.

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4. ALC 21st Annual Summit

20–22 September 2023

Portland, Oregon, USA

Advocating for service providers working in the language industries, the US-based Association of Language Companies unites LSP executives at their annual summit of presentations, panels, seminars, and networking events. Attendees are expected to work towards mutual advancement via networking, information sharing, and collaboration.

As an advocacy group, the ALC knows that a rising tide lifts all boats. When LSP leaders support each other by sharing their strongest insights and strategies, everyone stands to benefit. 

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5. Meet Central Europe Conference 2023

17–19 October 2023

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria each have their own respective association of translation companies. When the presidents of those groups saw a need for deeper collaboration, they founded Meet Central Europe (MCE) — an annual translation conference for all the providers in the region.

This year’s event finds itself once again in beautiful Budapest, which will play host to attendees ranging from C-level executives to freelance translators and project managers meeting to discuss the theme of talent management.

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6. Focus on Project Management 2023

30 November – 1 December

Bucharest, Romania

The European Language Industry Association — also known as Elia — hosts a number of events throughout the year. And though they’re based in Brussels, Elia spreads its events across the continent. Focus on Project Management 2023 will be hosted in Bucharest and comes on the heels of Elia’s prior two 2023 events.

Where May’s Focus on Executives brought industry leaders together and Elia’s September Networking Days event built connections, Focus on Project Management 2023 is designed to equip language industry project managers and product managers with new skills and strategies to better meet the challenges of the coming year.

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